IPv6 Patches for C-News

C-News and INN are ``the two'' major open source New News implementations.

INN is still actively maintained, and has perfectly fine IPv6 support built right into it.

C-News is basically dead, and you don't really want to use it on a busy news server - but for the fun of it, I decided to port the NNTP reference implementation to use IPv6 transport if available. It's running since 2002 on a NetBSD/Sparc system on a SPARCstation-LX with 50 MHz and 64 Mb RAM - but it does the job :-)

The patch is a bit more than just IPv6 support - a few library functions had to be renamed due to collisions with system functions, and a few definitions had to be commented out to make it compile.

Here is the patch, and here is the full source (159 kbyte) of the NNTP reference implementation.

-rw-r--r--   1 gert     other      12170 Dec 30 11:51 nntp-
-rw-r--r--   1 gert     other     159146 Feb 23  2002 nntp-
(A basic C-News installation does not have NNTP support at all - so you first need to install C-News from the original sources, and then add NNTP 1.5.* to it)